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In this page you will find news and events related to Materials Simulation at Penn State.

News and Events

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Quantum Espresso 2014 Workshop

 A workshop given by developers of the codes themselves!

qe logoQuantum Espresso is a Kohn-Sham, plane-wave-pseudopotentials suite widely used in the investigation of the properties of man-made and natural materials, taking explicitly into account the electronic structure. Developers of the package, lead by the Professors Stefano Baroni and Paolo Giannozzi, will present the theory behind the codes and train the participants on how to use them for different applications. Participants would be able to present a poster of their own work during the workshop. When ? Jun 16 to Jun 20, 2014. Where ? Penn State ( ICS Cybertorium) ... click here for the details.

Local Organizers: Lazaro Calderin and Ismaila Dabo

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